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Can you see me as HUMAN?

Can you see me as human, not black, not white, not Hispanic, not Chinese,

not Jewish, not Italian, etc. just as human? If you saw me as human only,

we would be brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, friends, co-workers,

etc. again. Our new generation of children will not grow up to be fair because of the hatred. Everyone deserves a chance to do what they want to do, and

not to be judged by their skin, profession, lifestyle, upbringing, handicap.

I published four children books and they are based on

attitude, safety and general kindness. Everyone that has read

them so far enjoys them and I want you to enjoy them as

well and see me as human and tell me what you think. My

books are "Vance, Your Neighborhood Tree", "Nannie Fan Fan", "Mac Machine and Cousin Dryer", and "SzhoohS". Let's Talk.

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